Barbarian Braid Fishing Line★★★★★


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BARBARIAN BRAID Torture Tested by Trophy Anglers

Why use the toughest musky braid on the market?

ONE CHANCE, you get one chance to land that fish of a lifetime. 

Embrace your barbarian virtues, hear the lamentations of a screaming reel and drive the next world record into the net. 

Years were spent developing a superior musky braid with unmatched resistance to wear and tear.

Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fibers create proven strength, low stetch and top of the food chain abrasion resistance. Per inch crosses offer a negligible break in period, optimal flexibility and a pleasant feel. 


Since 2015 we’ve been committed to manufacturing tournament grade Canadian made fishing lures. Our mission is to develop and provide innovative tackle for both the amateur and professional angler.


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