Topwater Fishing Lures

Topwater fishing is the most challenging and exciting type of fishing you can attempt. Timing your hookset perfectly requires a lot of patience, but there is nothing quite like seeing the calm surface of the water explode into a flurry of activity. Our 3D printed, the never-fade popper is 100% Canadian-made and has put some serious fish on the end of our lines. A few quick twitches result in a winning popping action that proves irresistible to bass and whatever else lurks beneath.

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    3.25” Never Fade Popper Topwater Fishing Lures

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    3″ MKUV Propeller Lures

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Bam Baits 6 Panel
FlexFit Fishing Hat

You need to protect your noggin, so you may as well look good and feel cool! Our 6 panel flexfit hats are embroidered with the BAM baits logo.



3 Facts About Tungsten Weights for Fishing

When talking about tungsten vs. lead, the first point of conversation is, “why should I dish out more money for tungsten, when my lead weights have been working just fine?” Let’s clear this up right now. Tungsten weights cost more, because they are more expensive to make. Tungsten has a...

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The Advantages of Ready-Made Fishing Tacklebox Kits

Ready-made fishing tacklebox kits are great for many reasons. One of our favorite reasons is that we know exactly what the angler is looking for. The kits are species-oriented and prepared to get you the most bites for your buck! Whether you’re a novice angler or an old pro, ready-made...

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Since 2015 we’ve been committed to manufacturing tournament grade Canadian made fishing lures. Our mission is to develop and provide innovative tackle for both the amateur and professional angler.


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