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Looking to catch some huge largemouth and smallmouth bass? We've got you covered! With the ever-increasing popularity of swimbaits, they're the primary choice amongst anglers across the world. Our exclusive swimbaits are designed to produce results beyond your expectations.  

Swimbaits, as the name suggests are lures that have a swimming action when retrieved in the water. They're extremely versatile and can be used to catch freshwater species such as bass, walleye, northern pike, and lake trout. 

Owning our high-quality lures is as rewarding as the fish you will catch. Our products are constantly proving that one doesn't need to break the bank to buy an effective swimbait. Next time you're going fishing, remember the difference a good swimbait can make for your next fishing adventure.



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  • Exclusive 2.0MG Gozilla Swimbait

    4″ Gozilla Swimbait 2.OMG

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Bam Baits 6 Panel
FlexFit Fishing Hat

You need to protect your noggin, so you may as well look good and feel cool! Our 6 panel flexfit hats are embroidered with the BAM baits logo.



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Since 2015 we’ve been committed to manufacturing tournament grade Canadian made fishing lures. Our mission is to develop and provide innovative tackle for both the amateur and professional angler.


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