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Soft Plastics Lures

Soft plastics should be a staple in your tackle box. They’re inexpensive and extremely efficient. Losing a soft plastic lure won’t break the bank or make you shed any tears. They’re durable enough to last several hookups and nothing performs quite as well as a wacky rigged boomstick.  We’ve curated a simple, effective, and 100% Canadian-made lineup of the best soft plastics on the market. Place your order with Bam Baits Now.

Soft plastics are a necessity for any fisherman. They're inexpensive and work great in almost any context, whether that's catching trout or catfish. You can also use them with live bait to catch more fish.

Soft plastics are soft lures that come in a variety of shapes. They are the number one selling fishing lure globally, has become more popular than hard baits, and take up over 95% of the market share. The reason they've become so popular is that they're versatile and perfect for just about any fish species. They're also easy to use and very affordable, which is why anglers all around the world love them!