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Our crankbaits are hand-painted, assembled, and sealed in-house. They’re known for their ability to lure bass away from cover and entice ferocious reaction strikes. Whether you’re fishing a rocky bank, weed beds, or heavy structure, these freshwater lures have you covered. Looking for crankbaits for your fishing weekend? We have selected a range of the highest quality crankbaits for Bass & Walleye. Because these are painted individually, no two will be exactly alike. Place your order at Bam Baits for tournament-quality crankbaits now.

Crankbaits for Walleye & Bass

The crankbait is a type of fishing lure that imitates the swimming action of baitfish, such as small members of the herring family specifically angled for the Walleye & Bass family. The lure consists of a wire-frame armature with metal armature wires and feathers or hair that is pulled into the water by a line connected to a rod. As the crankbait moves through the water, it rotates quickly on its axis and often has a rattle added for generating sound.