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Bass Lures & Baits

Want to go fishing for bass in freshwater? Wondering which are the best bass lures to use and how to use them to catch bass? There’s certainly an overwhelming amount of choices, but selecting the best type of bass lure is simpler than you can imagine. Please remember that we are here to answer any questions you may have. Shop our best-selling bass fishing lures and bass fishing gears with Bam Baits. Our wide collection of proven largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing lures includes many different sizes, colors, and patterns. We have you covered for 100% of the situations you’ll be facing as an avid angler. We guarantee that you will always have an effective lure option and proven fishing method regardless of watercolor, wind condition, topography, or fishing season.

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While stocking up on our best sellers, keep in mind that choosing which lure to use and how to efficiently use it can become overwhelming for bass fishermen. Not only do we have instructional videos on the site, but we also have a team of experts ready to answer your questions. Feel free to call us, e-mail, or reach out on social media and we'll be happy to help improve your hook-up ratio.

About Bass Fishing Lures

Bass fishing lures are a key component in any bass fisherman's arsenal, and there are many different types of baits that can be used to catch this popular fish. From largemouth bass to crankbaits to spinnerbaits, there's something for everyone when it comes to catching bass.

Types of Bass Lures

There are many types of lures for bass that are looked for to catch bass fish. From soft plastics like finesse worms, and rubber worms to lipless crankbaits and swimbaits, You can catch fish like bass and trout with these versatile lures. Some of them are:

Spinnerbaits - When it comes to fishing, there are many different types of lures that one can use. One of the effective bass lures is the spinner bait, which moves like a fish through the water to attract bass which makes it perfect gear for catching fish. The spinner bait has three different blades that spin, which creates sound waves in the water to attract fish.

Crankbaits - Crankbaits are a type of lure that is favored by many bass anglers. Essentially, the crankbait is a deep-diving bait that, when retrieved at a fairly rapid pace, wobbles back and forth with the blades upfront. Crankbaits are typically constructed out of metal or plastic, although wooden ones exist as well. Some crankbaits have large metal blades on one side while others have two smaller blades on the other side. The most popular crankbaits in bass fishing are lipless crankbaits.

Fishing Worms - Also known as soft plastics baits or plastic worms. Worms do not require rigging. These soft plastic worms can be fished on almost any type of hook, but it is best to use a wider hook to get maximum results. The worms are inexpensive and highly customizable, and a wacky worm is a popular largemouth bass bait. This kind of finesse worm is a great choice and the best bait for largemouth bass.

Swimbait - A swimbait lure has a plastic or metal body with a tail that wiggles around in the water to attract fish. It looks like a small fish that is designed to move realistically in the water column. Swimbaits are usually made out of durable plastic or metal that is weighted with lead for casting distance.

Using Lures for Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is a great recreational activity to enjoy with family and friends. Whether you are just starting or angling for the big one, our bass fishing lures will help you catch more than your fair share of fish. Bass are often found in shallow water, close to cover like rocks, weeds, and other submerged objects.