3 Facts About Tungsten Weights for Fishing

When talking about tungsten vs. lead, the first point of conversation is, “why should I dish out more money for tungsten, when my lead weights have been working just fine?” Let’s clear this up right now. Tungsten weights cost more, because they are more expensive to make. Tungsten has a burning temperature of

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The Advantages of Ready-Made Fishing Tacklebox Kits

Ready-made fishing tacklebox kits are great for many reasons. One of our favorite reasons is that we know exactly what the angler is looking for. The kits are species-oriented and prepared to get you the most bites for your buck! Whether you’re a novice angler or an old pro, ready-made tacklebox kits are

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4 Things You Should Know About Fish and UV Light

Anglers naturally tend to judge lure finishes as they appear to the human eye. However, this approach overlooks the basic biological differences between the human eye and the eye of a fish. Unlike human eyes, which require a black light to see ultraviolet reflection , many predator species of fish can see it

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