At BAM BAITS, we are committed to manufacturing tournament grade Canadian made fishing lures. We believe in providing value the right way, with hard work and determination.
No matter what you want in your tackle box, we can take care of you. Crankbaits, jigs, hand-painted soft plastics, boomsticks and sidewinders are all part of our extensive line-up of products.
Our mission is to develop and provide innovative tackle for both the amateur and professional angler.
Our versatile selection allows you to target multiple species while giving you the flexibility to mix up your presentation on the fly.
Bam Baits assures that all of our fishing products are 100% genuine, safe and of the highest quality.
For info on how to become Bam Baits retailer please contact Nick Forget directly at or (613) 282-9454
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If you need help placing an order , have any questions or would just like to chat fishing, please drop us a line!
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